Still in the saddle

Its been a never ending struggle. It always is. I had to stop hiking as my knees were incredibly sore. It has taken almost 5 years to recover. Vitamin D3 has a lot to due with the recovery as well as greens…..lots and lots of greens.

Current weight: 317.2 lbs.

Today I made a recipe called Quick Curried Chickpeas but I modified it a bit.

Quick Curried Beans
1/2 med red onion
2 cloves of garlic
(2) 15oz cans beans, drained (any type will original recipe calls for chickpeas)
(1) 20 oz can tomato sauce
1 cup water
1 tbsp curry powder (or more -I will usually put 2)
1/2 bunch fresh cilantro (I use parsley – not a cilantro fan)
1. Dice onion and mince garlic and then water sauté until softened (3-5 min)
2. Add the beans and tomato sauce, water and curry powder.
3. Mix well and bring to a simmer over med heat.
4. While mixture is simmering rinse cilantro and remove stems, roughly chop leaves and add to beans mixture.
5. Stir until sauce is a little reduced to a thick consistency (roughly 20 min.)
Remove from heat and enjoy as is or add over potatoes or rice.



Tuesday February 19th, 2013 – How many days till spring?

Well another work week has begun for me. I’m thankful its a short one as yesterday I was off.

This morning’s juice was very nourishing and I feel alive and ready to face the day. I was at the Hospital at 9am to get my blood test. I am on blood thinners. Maybe someday I’ll be able to go off them, lets hope. My clotting rate is 2.1 in the norm so I don’t go back for a month.

Last night for supper I had the amazing Caesar Salad. It is truly so delicious. If you serve this to those not on a raw diet the too would thoroughly enjoy it. I spent a lot of time yesterday listening to a lecture on fats by Dr. Rick Dina. Here is the youtube link: that is part 1. There are 2 more parts on youtube.

Here is a picture of the Caesar Salad……..mmmnnn:


Saturday soiree

My friend Sharon and I went to Jade City after work today. I had deep fried tofu with vegetables. I was a little disappointed. The only vegetables that came with it was bok choy. We decided to go to a local bar called the Hideaway. I was hoping to dance the evening away to burn off some calories. Our other friends who were supposed to show up didn’t so we made an early evening of it and I was home by 11:30 pm. I got home and researched some recipes for Guacamole. It was a new experience for me. I have never tasted an avocado in my life. It was really good. I didn’t have any cilantro. The following is the recipe I used.

2 avocados

2 cloves of garlic

1tbsp lemon juice (next time I will use less)

3/4 cup canned tomates.

I combined all of this and mashed it very well. I spread it on whole wheat toast. It was a very delicious snack.

Tomorrow I’m going for a very long hike to burn off any extra calories I may have injested today.