My Journey to Excellent Health

I like being outdoors about 9 months out of the year.

I enjoying photography, cooking (preparing food), hiking, and  fishing.

I have photographed many wild flowers and they are documented on a link on the side of this blog.

My journey is to explore a natural path to good health.

To get to a healthy weight and reduce or eliminate my arthritis so I can enjoy my hobbies more abundantly.

I am now following a whole foods plant based life style – I have stopped eating meat, oil, dairy, eggs, salt(very reduced), sugar(extremely limited) and alcohol (extremely limited).

Weigh ins are Whenever in the  Morning: 

  • JAN 27th, 2013 375.4 lbs
  • FEB 3rd, 2013 373.2 lbs
  • FEB 10th, 2013 363.4 lbs
  • FEB 17th, 2013 358.4 lbs
  • FEB 24th, 2013 353.8 lbs
  • SEP 6th, 2016 317.2 lbs

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