Saturday Feb 16th, 2013

Today was grocery and buy a blender day. I awoke around 8am and read my emails for a bit. Got dressed and headed out to get the groceries and buy a blender. I went to Tim Horton’s first and bought a medium blueberry white tea which I drink black so delicious. No juice this morning. I didn’t have enough stuff left in my fridge to get one so I skipped that.

I drank the tea and then purchased a 1L bottle of water and drank throughout my shopping.

My first stop was Giant Tiger. It seems like an odd place to purchase fruits and veggies but they do have a nice variety at a very good price. I got tomatoes (a lot as I’m going to have Zucchini squash with Marinara Sauce  (mmmm I can’t wait). I got 2 large bunches of bananas, 2 mangoes, a bag of green apples and a bag of red. I got 2 containers of mushrooms, a large bag of oranges, 6 cucumbers, 2lbs of anjou pears, an Asian pear, a bag of peppers ( red, yellow and orange, 2 green peppers, 3 bunches of celery, 2 bunches of green onions and 2 honeydew melons for $60. This is a really good price where I live. If I had gone to one of the large grocery store chains I would have paid at least double.

I did have to go to one of the large grocery store chain stores to get a few items I couldn’t get at Giant Tiger. Which was Kale. I finally got my hands on some kale.


I also got broccoli it was on for 2 for $3.00 so I got two bunches. I bought some red grapes ( a little pricey but I they are a treat), the strawberries are on sale for 2 containers for $3.00 so I got four containers, 1 nectarine, 4 zucchinis, romaine hearts (I’m making Caesar salad again), fresh oregano and sun dried tomatoes (for the marinara sauce).

Here is a link to the Marinara Sauce

For the rest of the day I drank another 2L of water. I just had supper which was a Kale, Honeydew Melon and Strawberry smoothie, It was delicious.


I got a lot done today beside the grocery shopping I got my bedroom cleaned and am now taking it easy.


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